Our Strengths


Tourism, education, business, and social studies


Flexible to meet your needs

We are capable of handling many types of files, for example, MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, as well as hard copies.


Quality guaranteed

Even after delivery, we will accept requests for corrections and/or answers to your questions.

English to Japanese

20 yen per English word

We simply count the number of words and multiply by the unit price

(20 yen per word). If your documents include complicated charts or other content requiring extra work, we may ask for additional charge. However, we will send you a quotation upon receiving your documents.

Japanese to English

15 yen per Japanese character

Use the same calculation method as stated in the left column "English to Japanese" (except that the unit price is 15 yen).

Estimated delivery

On average, your files will be delivered as follows:


English to Japanese

3 days per 1000 words

Japanese English

4 days per 1000 characters



Other languages

German to Japanese, and French to Japanese services are also available. To obtain a quote, please send your documents to the following email:

Additional notes

Our translations are always double-checked by a native speaker of target language to ensure accuracy and quality.


We also offer proofreading services for translated documents.

       == TO RECEIVE A QUOTE ==

        Send us your files to and tell us how soon you would like to receive the translations.

        We will send you a quote with the expected delivery date within 24 hours of receiving your files.