Communication Facilitation

One of most important elements for successful communication is to know about your counterparty. Many Japanese people, for example, are not good at clearly stating yes or no to others, as they think it may be insulting. If you are familiar with about this and you hear someone say, "I will think about it," you may decipher that the person is actually indicating "no" to your proposal, and you can begin to think about your next strategy.


This is why we, as Japanese people who know about business and culture in Japan, would like to be your facilitator or secretary to assist you in your communication with Japanese people.

Here are some examples of what we can do for you:


Case 1: You would like to visit your client in Japan and need to arrange your trip with the client or their secretary. You can simply tell us why you would like to visit, when, and what you would like to accomplish on your visit, in English, and we will start communicating with the client in Japanese. This can save you a lot of time, but it is also good for the Japanese client, as they will not have to struggle with English.



Case 2: You have found a beautiful product on an online shop site without any English pages, and you would like to purchase it. You want to ask the dealer a few questions regarding to the product, and you would like to know if they could send it to your country. We will contact the shop and get the answers to your questions. Furthermore, If the seller is unable to send you the product, we may send it to you.

There must be many other ways that we can help you. Therefore, through the "Inquiry" (see the right section) or by e-mail (, please tell us what you need and receive a free quote.

Just to give you an idea, we usually charge approximately 3,000 yen per each hour of work.