Akemi Ishiharada

Hi. I am a facilitator of the WaOu project, and a representative of English Hands Ltd., located in Kashiba, Nara, Japan.


My first encounter with foreign culture was when I was a high school student in the state of Washington in the United States. Later, I studied international relations at McGill University in Canada with students from all over the world.


I lived in Zurich, Switzerland for six years and spent four years as a banker, again with colleagues of various nationalities. After returning to Japan, I worked for an educational company and was in charge of supporting overseas subsidiaries.


Currently, I live in Kashiba, an unfamiliar city even for many Japanese. However, the population is still growing, because of its proximity to the large city of Osaka. Even so, Kashiba still contains ample natural space. By connecting European and Japanese cultures through my translation, correspondence, and business promotion work, I hope to contribute to the prosperity of the city, for my daughter and for all of the children and adults living here.


In addition to being business-oriented, I am also a doctoral student majoring in social welfare with a focus on the welfare of mothers at Osaka Prefecture University.


Beat Stauffer


Basel, Switzerland


Beat Stauffer has been teaching typography at the Basel School of Design since 1992.

Together with Natsuko Stauffer Mikamo, he established a design office in Basel in 2012 and has since worked both in Switzerland and Japan.

Natsuko Stauffer Mikamo


Basel, Switzerland


Natsuko Stauffer Mikamo moved from Japan to Basel in 2007 to study typography at the Basel School of Design. She currently displays her talents as a graphic designer and food stylist. She is also a cheese expert who formally worked in a cheese shop in Tokyo.