"Feel the Chemistry of Connecting

European and Japanese Cultures"

English Hands Ltd., located in Kashiba, Nara, Japan, offers translation services, communication facilitation, and business promotion. We are excited to experience the chemistry of connecting European and Japanese cultures. If you share a similar curiosity or plan to conduct business in Japan, we can help you in the following three ways.


If you have ideas or thoughts that you would like to share with your Japanese partners or customers, we will translate your documents into Japanese.


We believe that translation is not the simple act of replacing one language with another; rather, it is the sophisticated communication of concepts to people who have different worldviews based on diverse linguistic or cultural backgrounds. Without fully grasping the fundamental differences between European and Japanese ways of thinking, your thoughts and feelings risk not being properly conveyed or understood. 

Communication Facilitation

Of course, it would be much easier if we could communicate with each other without translation. Translating documents into different languages may seem to be an extra work. You may simply wish to tell us what you need or what you want to know from your Japanese counterparties, and we will act as your agent or secretary and make necessary correspondence for you so that you can concentrate on leading your projects.


We believe this facilitated communication is not only a matter of convenience, but it is also a quick and certain way not to miss your business opportunities. 

Business Promotion

Since we are a company rooted in the community of Nara, one of our strengths is tourism. Kashiba City is the birthplace of sumo wrestling, making this an ideal location to deeply learn about the lifestyle of a sumo wrestler. Furthermore, Kashiba is home of two sake breweries, which could help you add unique drinking options for your restaurant customers.


Business opportunities are everywhere. Let's find them together.